Retail Building Appraisals by West Valuation

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Retail property types vary from individual freestanding retail stores to ancillary commercial business to regional shopping centers. Demand for retail space in a given market area is a function of the number of households and the amount of household income available for retail purchase. The demand for retail space can only grow as the market area population and household incomes grow. West Valuation specializes in appraising a wide variety of retail buildings including restaurants, drugstores, banks, auto-service businesses, anchor stores, big box stores, and department stores. Triple net lease (NNN) is the most common type of lease for retail buildings which requires the tenant to pay all operating expenses, including a pro-rata share of common area expenses. The landlord is typically responsible for management and replacement reserves however, in some cases; the leases allow management to be charged to tenants as part of the common area expenses. West Valuation provides commercial appraisals on numerous types of retail buildings throughout San Diego and the entire state of California.

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