Single Asset Valuations- Office, Retail, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Apartments, Land, Triple Net Leased Properties NNN, Commercial Condominiums etc. Please scroll down to see different property types.

Portfolio Valuations- Portfolio appraisals refer to the valuation of a collection of properties at one time. Portfolio appraisals range in property type and geography with no limit to how large they may be. West Valuation is experienced in appraising a number of properties within the quoted turn-around time. For information about commercial portfolio appraisals contact us.

Market Rent Studies- Nothing is more important then paying or receiving current market rents for your commercial space. The market changes rapidly and West Valuation has the expertise and resources to provide you with accurate market rent studies.

Appraisal Reviews- Questioning an appraisal you received from another appraiser? Are the methodologies and procedures used appropriate and correct? Contact West Valuation for your commercial appraisal review needs.

Estate Planning Valuation– We have done countless number of commercial appraisals for estate planning purposes. Call us!

Fractional Interest / Partial Interest- West Valuation has the expertise in providing fractional / partial interest due to tenants in common owned properties for tax planning estate planning that meets the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines.

Property Tax Appeal & Consulting- The founder of West Valuation previously worked for the San Diego County Assessor’s Office valuing commercial real estate. We know what the County Assessor’s office is looking for in commercial appraisals for property tax appeals.

Prospective Valuation- Need a value as of a future date? Do you have a property that is not stabilized?

Retrospective Valuation- Need a value from the past? Date of death values consist of retrospective values and West Valuation has completed countless number of commercial appraisals that include retrospective values.

Expert Witness and Consulting- We have been designated expert witness and are available for consulting.

Insurable Valuation- Standard insurance policies provide indemnity coverage of improvements. Commercial Insurable Values consist of the actual cash value, reproduction costs and/or replacement costs of improvements excluding land.

Commercial Appraisal San Diego Orange County RiversideAs a reputable commercial real estate appraisal firm, we provide timely high quality commercial real estate appraisal services for a wide range of investment properties throughout California. While we cover the entire state of California, we are highly active in appraising properties throughout San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and  Ventura County. Appraisal and consulting services include proposed, partially completed, renovated and as-is existing structures. In addition to retrospective (date of death) valuations, fractional interest / partial interest, liquidation / disposition value and prospective value.

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